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Boat Insurance is designed to financially protect you from loss to your boat and personal articles due to an accident, theft, or storm. Our agency can help you choose the proper types of coverages.

Your Homeowner policy may provide a limited amount of coverage for a small boat. However, this coverage will probably not be sufficient to pay for all losses due to theft or damage to the boat, its’ motors, trailer, or extra equipment and/or accessories. A separate policy can provide the necessary coverage and peace of mind.

Pleasure boat insurance policies and endorsements provide coverage which includes the boat and all equipment which is permanently attached. Pleasure boat insurance policies and endorsements can provide for all risks that are not listed as excluded.

Typically the following causes of loss are excluded:

  • Loss when engines overheat
  • Lose due to rust or corrosion
  • Loss due to the weather
  • Loss due to a boat being marred, scratched, or dented
  • Loss due to damage while a boat is repaired or serviced
  • Loss due to normal aging (wear and tear) of a boat
  • Loss due to ongoing deterioration of a boat
  • Loss to a boat due to mold, insects, marine life, etc.

Pleasure boat policies typically provide liability coverage. This is a stated amount of liability coverage. This policy pays when the insured is legally responsible for damages incurred due to owning the boat, maintaining the boat, or using the boat. This coverage is also subject to the policy’s specific liability exclusions.

Insurance companies offer various discounts to help keep down the cost of covering your boat. Available premium discounts include:

  • Coast Guard and Red Cross Safety courses
  • Claim free boating record
  • Multi-policy discount

Our agents are able to discuss your risks, review the policy, and help you understand all of the coverages and exclusions. Please do not hesitate to call, email, or stop by when convenient.

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