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Life Insurance is the answer to the question we all must ask. How will my family survive financially after I die? None of us want to think about this fact. However, if our family depends on our paycheck, we can’t avoid it.

Life Insurance provides a set amount of money for your survivors to pay for immediate and future needs. It will pay off the mortgage, replace income, pay final expenses, pay for college, pay off debts, etc. Life Insurance proceeds are income tax free.

Your decision to protect your family is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Shopping the internet for the lowest rates without paying attention to the details is very risky. Life Insurance provides for your family’s financial well-being and should be thoroughly reviewed with an insurance professional. Our agents are ready and able to discuss your life insurance needs and determine the amount of coverage that is right for you and your family. Call (513-451-8050) to make an appointment to discuss your life insurance needs.

Term Life

Term Life Insurance provides protection for a set amount of time. This is temporary coverage. This makes sense if you need coverage until your children graduate from college or when your house is paid off, etc. There are many term life plans. Common term life policies provide coverage from 10 to 30 years. Term life products offer a great amount of coverage for lower premiums.

Permanent Life

Permanent Life insurance lasts for your entire lifetime. Cash value can be accumulated & is tax deferred. However, the premiums are higher than what you would pay for the same amount of term insurance.

There are two main types of permanent life insurance:

Whole life premiums are fixed for life with a guaranteed death benefit.

Universal life premiums are flexible. It also guarantees a death benefit as long as sufficient premiums have been paid. If not, the death benefit can be reduced.

life insurance

Cincinnati Life Insurance

life insurance

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